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Wedding gown 101: the silhouettes

Here at Château Bouffémont, we are greatly appreciative of the many loved-up couples who choose our noble stone-built residence as their wedding venue – although it is also easy for us to appreciate exactly why.

Our highly luxurious wedding venue is, after all, associated with the highest in high fashion and culture. We have held more than a few exceptional fashion shows in our time, and indeed are located within easy reach of Paris, which – as this fascinating article from The Culture Trip points out – has a longstanding reputation as the world’s fashion capital.

What greater authority could there therefore be to advise you on your wedding dress? Aside from the venue, there may be no more crucial element of your nuptials to get right than your dress. So with no further ado, below is our style experts’ guidance on the many popular wedding dress silhouettes and how you can choose the right one for your style and body type.


When you have a fairytale venue lined up, how could you possibly match it than with a fairytale dress? That is precisely what the ballgown dress – with its fitted bodice that flairs at the waist, together with a full skirt – is.

There aren’t too many body types that can’t make the ‘ball gown’ look work. It’s especially well-suited to pear-shaped and average-to-tall women because it hides the lower body and cuts the midsection in half. However, if you are a petite body type, the skirt may overwhelm your small frame.


The romantic Empire dress puts one in mind of Jane Austen-inspired costume dramas, fitting under the bust and then flowing out for an ‘airy’ appearance. Such a high waistline makes it a good dress for creating and highlighting natural curves.

You may choose the Empire if you have a small bust or petite frame, given the illusion that it gives of elongating the body and camouflaging a thick waist or heavy bottom.


If you’re seeking a retro look reminiscent of the classic 1950s and 1960s wedding gowns, not to mention an option that can be made to work with all body types, we’d point you towards the tea-length silhouette. It’s instantly identifiable by the skirt that falls in between the ankle and the knee.

The skirt being lifted off the ground also makes this an ideal dress for outdoor weddings where the conditions may be far from predictable.


As its name suggests, this dress type creates a silhouette resembling an upper-case ‘A’, thanks to its fitted bodice through the waist that gently flows out to the ground.

It’s a more relaxed interpretation of the ‘ball gown’ look, still having a charming timelessness about it, but with a bit more practicality – you won’t need five bridesmaids to help you down the aisle. Almost all body types can make this one work, but it’s especially suitable for those trying to disguise a heavy bottom figure.



This is the modern wedding look that you might have seen on Instagram a lot – it’s narrow, sleek and very much fashion-forward, consisting of a figure-hugging straight skirt that frequently tightens at the waist.

It’s a dress that tends to cling to the body, thereby making it a great choice for slim and well-toned figures. It doesn’t work well on pear-shaped bodies as it accentuates extra inches to an extent that can be unflattering to these body types, although hourglass figures looking to flaunt their curves can pull off the look well enough.


This type of dress hugs the body from the chest to the knee, only flaring out close to the knee. It’s therefore an ideal dress for slender ladies and those with an hourglass figure who are willing to show off their curves.

It’s a poor choice for round or pear-shaped women, however, given its accentuation of the midsection.


A wonderfully chic look distinguished by the skirt ending above the knee, the Mini is well-suited to ‘banana’ body types, but plus size ladies are urged to steer clear.

Select the ideal wedding dress for you from this extensive range of classic silhouettes, before getting in touch with Château Bouffémont about how we can provide the perfectly-matched French chateau rental for your wedding. Many congratulations to you and your beloved!


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